Introduction to meditation

Meditation Leah Robinson Art & Soul

Body- Mind Medicine. We are mind and body creatures, we can not isolate one aspect from the other. Working creatively with the needs of the body-mind, allows us to become more in tune with our true nature, that which lies beyond our conditioning and habitual behaviours. With regular practice, we are better able to access our internal resources, we begin to experience ourselves differently and this is reflected in our connection to and perception of our external world.


Meditation is a wakeful relaxation that develops concentration and mental clarity, leading to finer thought processes and more expansive ways of thinking. Whether in stillness & silence, postures & movement, sitting, walking, dancing or making sound, by directing our physicality and engaging mental focus, we can nourish our own body-mind systems and support ongoing wellness.


Different meditations stimulate different parts of the glandular and neural networks within the body mind systems. We could think of it in terms of fine tuning our internal networks , our ‘inter-net’, in order to streamline electrical and chemical communication throughout our body-mind self.

Art and Meditation

What do Art and Meditation have in common? When making works of art we find ourselves occupying the present moment, our attention is focused on what is happening from moment to moment. In meditation we also cultivate present moment awareness. Often we do this by paying attention to our breath.

‘Inspiration’ and ‘to breathe’ share the same root in Latin, ‘Inspirare’. When we breathe we inspire the body-mind with life force; with the creative spirit of life, we open ourselves to inspiration.

Meditation Leah Robinson Art & Soul


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Yoga Nidra

According to tradition, the literal translation of Yoga nidra is ‘deep sleep’.
The practice combines guided visualisation and meditation in a particular way, to promote a deep state of relaxation in the body and mind. One feels the benefit as though one has had a deep and refreshing sleep. During the practice the conscious mind subsides, allowing us to remain in a state of relaxed awareness. We can effect sustainable change in the conscious mind, through gentle stimulation of the sub-conscious. This time and space between wakefulness and dreaming can connect you to a sense of your true nature. Recordings available for further use at home.

Meditation Leah Robinson Art & Soul