The Art of Movement- Top down and bottom up


When we move, we stimulate the pathways between the body and the brain.

To move the body, the brain sends signals through the nervous system to the muscles and initiates movement. When we move there is a cascade of information that is sent back to the brain for processing.

The brain then decides what to do next out of the infinite combinations of possibilities.

Movement Leah Robinson Art & Soul

Habitual behaviour


We are creatures of habit and we love to pattern match. Habitual behaviour and pattern matching is an energy saving device. The brain checks to see if we have done something similar and then goes to its library of stored responses, so that it doesn’t have to work out what to do every time we do something.


Stepping out of the yoga script


When we think we know a posture or a sequence, we can become desensitised to our systems and what is actually happening in the moment. We can forget to notice the information provided by our own systems. When we learn to bring awareness to how we move, it can positively impact how we feel and how we respond to life’s challenges.




That it is not a race. That your body is different to anyone else’s. That every day is different. That we all have unique accumulations of injury, stress and sensitivity from our life’s journey.  That you have permission to do it your way. That when you are able to truly be with yourself, to listen and respond to what your body needs, you can heal.


Trauma can take us away from feeling safe in our bodies and modern life is full of distractions that draw us away from ourselves. Returning presence to the body can be a radical act of self-love and sovereign choice.

Sometimes the smallest movements are the most healing.



The invitation


My invitation to you is to slow down, to tune into your felt senses and inner wisdom. To move from the container of familiar posture and habitual patterns, into the freedom of spontaneous, organic movement and presence in your body.


The invitation is to come home, no matter where you are.


Movement Leah Robinson Art & Soul
Movement Leah Robinson Art & Soul
Movement Leah Robinson Art & Soul