Art for Wellbeing – Creative Flow

It is such a joy to inspire and be inspired and to learn from each other in creative ways.

I love responding moment to moment to meet whatever is energy is moving through. Creativity evolves through you and in turn creates change; in the materials, in you, in the viewer.
It can be a way of processing experiences, a healing journey home to yourself.


Experiment with different materials, learn to give form to thoughts and feelings, develop images that are personal to you. We learn that visual language is unique to each of us and that there are no mistakes, only the energy and intention of your process.


Bespoke One to one or Group sessions available.
I have experience working within the mental health field.
Suitable for all ages. No experience necessary.

Workshops Leah Robinson Art & Soul

Art and Meditation combined workshops

What do Art and Meditation have in common? When using our creativity, we find ourselves occupying the present moment, our attention is focussed on what is happening right now. In this way creative practice can be a meditation in itself.


We can prepare ourselves for creative flow through meditation. Leave any busy-ness behind, to meet ourselves in the present moment. Here we can make connection with the creative spirit of life, so that we may freely embark on a creative journey of discovery. Is it often surprising what shows up on the page when we release expectation and drop into flow.

We can also use this creative flow in observational drawing.

Drawing from the yoga model, we practice rapid drawing skills as the model holds different short postures. This helps in tuning up our looking skills, catching the essential lines of the body and builds confidence to let go into flow.


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Workshops Leah Robinson Art & Soul

Meditation for Modern Minds

The constant demands of modern life put particular mental and emotional strain on the human organism. The rate of change in the outside world, is not necessarily reflected in the speed of our own evolution. We need tools and resources to help us deal with the ever changing environment we find oursleves in. We need to remember our connection to the natural world and to ourselves.
Group and one to one sessions available.

Gateway to Meditation – 8 week course

Introducing meditative techniques for the modern mind. This course is available to all and is especially suitable for those who struggle with a busy mind or with mental health in some way.
We explore a little about the interconnected systems within the mind and body and how they are affected by each other & the environment. We learn that by stimulating internal pathways, we can create change within.
Meditative practices, yoga nidra, mindful movement, sharing of our experience within the group and voice recordings to use at home for further practice.
Perhaps you are ready for change…?

Yoga Nidra

According to tradition, the literal translation of Yoga nidra is ‘deep sleep’.
The practice combines guided visualisation and meditation in a particular way, to promote a deep state of relaxation in the body and mind. One feels the benefit as though one has had a deep and refreshing sleep. During the practice the conscious mind subsides, allowing us to remain in a state of relaxed awareness. We can effect sustainable change in the conscious mind, through gentle stimulation of the sub-conscious. This time and space between wakefulness and dreaming can connect you to a sense of your true nature. Recordings available for further use at home.

Workshops Leah Robinson Art & Soul

Student examples

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